• Issues Management Group, Inc. is the progeny of a merger between strategic public relations and public affairs agency OUTSOURCEPR, Inc. and crisis and issues management consultants SYMPRA, Inc.
  • Strategic Public Relations & Public Affairs specialists.
  • Composed of international PR professionals, marketing and public affairs experts.
  • Professionals who enjoy hands-on management to ensure creativity and results.
  • A service provider that starts to work for it’s clients even before formal engagement.
  • A management team with over 100 man-years of experience in communications and marketing.
  • Maintain working relations with leading international PR agencies.


  • Our reputation depends essentially on how well we conduct our practice.
  • The quality of our practice reflects how well we know our clients’ business.
  • Our own success is tied directly to that of our clients’.
  • Our practice is far more important than just disseminating information and building public awareness – we enhance reputations.
  • We believe the essential role of communications is to manage the publics’ perceptions to motivate their behavior towards our clients’ success.


  • We manage public perceptions.
  • We can serve as resident project managers.
  • We practice “immersion” to enhance our knowledge of our clients’ business.
  • We recommend projects that are “doable”..
  • We offer “round-the-clock” counseling and availability.
  • We’re probably the most pleasant group of consultants you’ll ever meet.


  • Developed pan-Asian corporate PR /advertising strategy for the Germany-based chemical giant BASF.
  • Established and supervised BASF’s pan-Asian corporate communications network in twenty countries spanning the Indian Sub-continent to the Australia-New Zealand Region.
  • Executed the communications and issues management strategy supporting the Manila North Tollways project, the country’s largest road infrastructure and BOT project to date.
  • Developed PR and perception management strategy establishing the Rockwell Center as the Philippines’ pre-eminent upscale residential community and shopping center.
  • We offer “round-the-clock” counseling and availability.
  • Executed Marketing communications strategy for First Gen IPO, first initial public offering among Philippines’ independent power producers; Upgraded to PSE main index just 16 months from listing date.
  • Developed corporate and marketing communications strategy to enhance shareholder value for Security Bank Corporation; Upgraded to PSE main index within 8 months from start of the campaign.
  • Developed corporate and marketing communications strategy for PhilNaRe IPO; country’s only national re-insurer; 12x oversubscribed a week before listing; opened 20% higher on listing day.
  • Developed corporate and marketing communications strategy for Phoenix Petroleum IPO; country’s first petroleum company to go public since deregulation of oil industry; 15x oversubscribed a week before listing; opened 42% higher on listing day.
  • Developed and executed communications strategy in support of generating legislative approval for enhancing Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation’s charter by providing it a more pro-active role in banking industry regulation.
  • Developed Marketing PR strategy for Coal Asia IPO; country’s 2nd largest coal-for-energy producer; 5x oversubscribed on week of listing; closed 50% higher on listing day.


  • Recipient of Public Relations Society of the Philippines Anvil Award for La Mesa Eco-Park Communications Campaign.
  • Recipient of Public Relations Society of the Philippines Anvil Award for Security Bank’s Financial PR & Investor Relations Program.
  • Extensive Public Relations, Public Affairs, Communications and Issues Management experience in industries like travel & transport, banking & financial services, equities marketing, consumer retail and direct selling, chemical, petroleum, mining, automotive, energy, environment & ecology, healthcare, food & beverage, broadcast and print media, IT & telecommunications and government relations.


  • Gerard O. Zorrilla
    President and Senior Counsel
  • Editorial and Research Services
  • Kristine Joyce B. Reano
    Media Relations
  • Klaudine De Guzman
    Account Management Services
  • Efren “Ping” Sotto
    Senior Consultant, Executive Training, Learning and Development

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